Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DerrickSky Chocolates are Impeccable

When I first started working at Google, I was amazed by the variety of the cafes on campus. Some are clearly more mainstream than others, but they all serve impeccable food. Anyway, my favorite while I was actually living in Mountain View for two months was Slice Cafe - which serves primarily vegan and raw food. I'd never really had the opportunity to easily taste carefully prepared, fresh food in this style and wow - it really can be awesome. Sure it can sometimes seem reachy, as in trying to emulate things it's not, but you either are excited by this or irritated. As a major admirer of the art of magick and deception in food prep (think Chinese mock duck), I love it.

So I totally stalk the chefs. If I respect their dishes, I want to get to know them. After all, I used to be a cook, and these chefs have a lot of passions in common with me. Nowadays I mostly sling code, but I can't do it without great fuel - and you are what you eat. That's how I met Derrick Jones. Here's this mighty looking dude, serving up raw-violis with his partner in crime, Patrick. These gyus are like the dynamic duo, and they seem like really interesting peeps - so anyhow, I say hi, and chat when I'm in the cafe and live vicariously through their learning (by enjoying their work!)

Fast forward a couple of years, and Derrick's coming over to hang out and get me to try these chocolates he's been making. Me and my wife are floored. They're incredible - they're rich - they're nutritious. The chocolate has snap, it's not too sweet, and the flavor combinations are nothing short of gifted.

I'm going to highlight a few of my loves:

Chocolate Midnight Sky - soft, almost brownie-like, and fulfilling.

Mocha Vruffle - my first love, these are the most amazing blend of nibness with luscious chocolate.

Chocolate Graham Flax - slightly and magnificently crunchy, the name says it all

And the thing is, Derrick's *still* trying new combos. He dropped me off some "Cocoa Mocha Squared" bites and I'm just stunned - the man's got energy for life and passion for wholesome deliciousness coming from every pore in his body - and sincerely, easily.

I'm inspired. I'm delighted, and I'm honored to share with you the beauty that is Derrick Sky chocolates.

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