Monday, October 15, 2012

Android browser + position:fixed + maps = pain

Here are two test cases that have made me cringe lately:

You'll need to try it on the Android browser.

This one is with Bing Maps:

and this one with Google:

See the big red rectangle with position:absolute hovering on the map?

Notice how with position: fixed in the header that thing disappears?

I suspect some sort of z-index tomfoolery going on, which probably doesn't bode super well for the performance of position: fixed on Android. We can only hope for the day when ChromeWebView becomes available to us HTML5 app developers.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Velocity 2012!

Velocity Conference 2012

This year's Velocity conference schedule looks excellent, with several repeat speakers from years past, but also lots of new ones. I'll be moderating a panel on Wednesday at 5:20pm titled JavaScript Performance MythBusters, via JSPerf as well as a Browserscope lightning demo around 10:30am on Wednesday.

If you're there and want to say hi, shoot me an email at elsigh at gmail. =)

Here are the links to the slides: