Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx w/ Gnome on the Lenovo T410

Maybe it's happened. I've been using Gnome without dying to switch back to fluxbox for like 3 weeks now. The degree to which I can get Gnome out of my way, combined with the fact that some of its niceties no longer seem janky, unpredictable, or brittle... Dare I say I may be converted?
Also, Lenovo's T410 - this may be by far and away the best laptop I've ever used. The peripherals are in good locations - they moved the stereo jack over to the side (where it belongs, it was very peculiarly in front on the T400), moved the phone jack to the back (what's a modem?!), added a powered USB jack, 4+ hours of full screen battery life, and most importantly - I can actually use this thing on my lap!
Ubuntu has made some serious strides with Lucid Lynx. My typical gripes about gnu/linux (audio, suspend, wireless, etc..) are all fading and the configuration and usability of the system seems recommendable to your average consumer - I never thought I'd see it. Wow. Ok, so let's see how I feel in three weeks ;)

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