Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Security Tests on Browserscope

[The text below is reprinted from, since it's far better than what I would've written anyway. -Lindsey ;]

Today, the first new test suite for Browserscope was launched: Security.

Browserscope is an open source project for measuring browser capabilities. It’s a resource for users and developers to see which features are or are not supported by any particular browser. All of the data is crowdsourced, making the results more immediate, diverse, and representative. Browserscope launched in September (see my (Steve's) blog post) with tests for network performanceCSS selectorsrich text edit controls, and Acid3.

The new security tests in Browserscope were developed by Adam Barth from UC Berkeley, and Collin Jackson and Mustafa Acer from Carnegie Mellon University. It’s exciting to have these experts become Browserscope contributors. The tests cover such areas as postMessage APIJSON.parse APIhttpOnly cookie attribute, and cross-origin capability leaks. See the Security about page to read about all the tests.

This is the point at which you can contribute. We don’t want your money - all we want is a little bit of your time to run the tests. Just click on the link and sit back. All that’s needed is a web client that supports JavaScript. We especially want people to connect using their mobile devices. If you have suggestions about the tests, contact us or submit a bug.

So far we’ve collected over 30,000 test results from 580 different browsers. Want to see how your browser compares? Just click on this button to add your browser’s results to Browserscope.

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