Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Opera Revisited

After having played with FF3-beta5 for the last couple of days I can't believe I tolerated FF2 for normal web browsing. Granted, I use the Firebug plugin, but I had come to accept 5-10 seconds waits for opening new windows and 2-4 seconds of latency in switching tabs. Unfortunately, Firebug for FF3, and FF3 in general, is buggy/crash-prone on linux. 
So here I am trying Opera again after a couple of years. I still have FF3 running with Firebug 
for web development purposes but I think I refuse to use FF2 anymore.
So I'm about to try Konqueror too. All in all - not liking it. Speed dial is useless compared to the bookmark bar. The snapshot mini-page is not something I'm keen on at all - I can't actually read that stuff, and I don't need visual recognition
in grand scale to know which one is my email. The default ui widgets just look lame now too compared to FF3's nice slight rounding.
I probably would continue using Opera for awhile if it could have at least imported my bookmarks.html file from Firefox correctly. I ended up with an empty directory called "Netscape Bookmarks". =/

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